Ramblings and thoughts

Ramblings and thoughts from me

This will be my free form thought exploration, just random philosophy and other things. Any thoughts/comments etc. are welcome at nehrlich@alum.mit.edu.

Ramblings are sorted by some approximation of the topics covered within them and are also labelled by date.

(Nov. 03) I think most of my ramblings will be on my blog page from now on. I might put longer entries here, but since I haven't done that in years, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Gestalt and power (8/19/94)
Gestalt and chaos theory (8/23/94)
Community and identity (9/16/94)
Stories, community, chaos, and organization (1/5/95)
Commentary on the Exon debate (CDA) (April(?) 1995)
The attention economy (Michael Goldhaber talk) (1/14/97)
Commentary on a Jaron Lanier talk (5/15/97)
Music and learning gestalt (8/97)
Gifted Education (still under work) (9/97)
Liberal Arts (9/25/97)
Clashing realities (6/98)
Morality (12/5/99)
Tolerance (1/17/00)
Politics (4/23/00)
Gun Control (7/30/00)
Internet Dreams (5/27/02)
Unformed Thoughts (last updated 4/27/00)

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