Ramblings and Thoughts from January 5, 1995

Ramblings from January 5, 1995

Well, I was sitting on the airplane coming back from Christmas break, and got an uncontrollable desire to just start writing things out in a vain attempt to sort out my thoughts and what's going on mentally and all that sort of stuff. So I did. And figured I'd upload it here just to keep track of it and toss some ideas around.

Basically I just started writing out various areas of interest to me and some quickie thoughts on each of them - and in particular what I wanted to look at more closely in each area. I'll try to explain my shorthand out so that it's more clear what i'm thinking about but if I don't, EIT!.

Stories/Myths/Self-story/consciousness/epics & not-so-epics

Community/Virtual Community/How to tie together people online? Complexity/Biology of Machines/Out of Control/(Artificial) Evolution Better organization design? Adhocracy? So anyway, I think that designing the future organization will be one of my thought topics for quite a while. It ties together a bunch of my other lines of inquiry quite nicely I realized - the formation of community, story-telling (as used to form communities and for the passing on of instructions/memory), complexity, etc. Obviously, my plan at this point is just to read lots and try to keep fitting things into the jigsaw puzzle that is my mind, but with a goal to work towards maybe things will start fitting together better - it's a thought at least.

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