Perlick "Eric" Nehrlich

Yo, dis is Perlick

Hi, as the title sez, this is Perlick(). Chances are if you're a current or former MIT student you already know me as Perlick, but in case you are one of the people who knows me as Eric Nehrlich, well, now you know my other name. Perlick was my nickname at TEP when I lived there, and so many people called me Perlick, that I respond to it more quickly than my "real" name, Eric. So anyway, this is a bit more about the TEP side of my life.

Stories from/about TEP

Well, now that I've graduated from TEP, I find myself longing for the days when I lived there, and am wandering down nostalgia lane with my rose-tinted glasses on. Here are a few stories from when I lived there.

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