Painting the wall plaid

Painting the wall plaid

So it was the middle of my sophomore year, and I decided to move in with a couple friends, including Brad into the quad known as 33 at TEP. This had the Net in it, which by definition made it a cool place. So anyway, during Work Week, we were told by the Haus Manager to re-paint 33 which, at the time, was a particularly disgusting shade of bright yellow, nicknamed Boot Yellow, both because a former brother named Boot had painted all the rooms he lived in that color, and, well, for the obvious reason.

Anyway, we were having a room meeting, trying to decide what color to paint the room, when Rebar said, "We could paint the room PLAID!" Rugburn, future proprietor of Cafe Liberty immediately jumped on the idea and between the two of them, they eventually convinced Brad and I that it would, indeed, be the Coolest Thing Ever (tm). I just want to make this clear - for some reason, Brad and I later got blamed for starting the idea when, in fact, we had to be dragged into it. Really. Honest! They twisted our arms behind our backs!

So we went into full search mode, and eventually decided on Black Watch Plaid, a beautiful plaid that has dark forest green as its base color with blue and black stripes. So we painted the entire room dark green first thing. But by the time we'd done that, and refinished the floor in there, work week was almost over.

Brad made a valiant attempt at starting to lay out lines to paint the plaid, and we did go buy the black and blue paint we needed, and we said we'd do it some weekend during the semester. By this point, of course, Rebar and Rugburn had lost interest. But Brad and I kept the faith alive, insisting to one and all that we _would_ indeed paint the wall plaid. Well, either that, or Brad's explanation that it _was_ painted plaid - just one _really_ big square of plaid.

But of course we never did. It soon became a catch phrase at TEP to use as an excuse for punting - "We'll get to that as soon as the wall is plaid!" So when I saw a plaid background, I felt that it was appropriate to use.

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