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This is my ooooooold home page, kept purely for historical archiving reasons. Please see my blog page for a more current view.

Hi, I'm Eric Nehrlich and this is my home page. Boy, what a surprise, eh?

My sister Sonia has a web page too.

Most of the interesting updates are now happening on my blog page. It has book reviews, rants about various topics, and occasional vignettes from my life.

As of May 2005, I work for Applied Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in taking decision analysis tools developed in the pharmaceutical industry and applying them to the problems of small biotech companies and public health agencies. I am a member of the technology team, developing the software tools to support our consultants as well as doing custom applications for other clients. It's a new realm for me, being the first job I've had that didn't involve a lab or instrument hardware of any sort, but it's been interesting learning a new field.

Outside of work, I am singing a full schedule in the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, I play ultimate frisbee and go mountain biking occasionally, I go to movies at the Parkway theater in Oakland, and I spend too much time flaming with my friends.

I used to work at Signature BioScience, a biotech startup that developed a technology for characterizing cells and proteins by bouncing microwaves off them. When Signature BioScience ran out of money in April of 2003, MDS Sciex, a Toronto-based manufacturer of mass spectrometers, bought the technology (they had previously been a partner company) and hired a few of us to continue working on it. It was kind of a disappointment for Signature to go down, since I had been there for two and a half years and watched it grow from 40 people to over 150, and move into a swanky dot-com space in downtown San Francisco. It was a great environment and I learned a lot from the roller coaster ride of the experience. But the twelve of us re-hired by Sciex carried on, and after two years of continued research and development, the bioimpedance technology had been proven to be effective and was launched as a radically new cellular assay for drug discovery (see pictures of the prototype). Once the instrument was out of the hands of research and into the realm of product development, I decided it was time for a new challenge, hence the move to Applied Strategies.

Before Signature, I worked at San Francisco Industrial Software, a small computer consulting company specializing in developing applications such as high end data acquisition and industrial testing. We mostly programmed in LabVIEW, a graphical programming language developed by National Instruments that proved to be far more powerful than I expected when I first started work at SFIS.

I was formerly a physics Ph.D. student at Stanford University. I left the PhD program with a master's degree in June of 1998, when I decided that particle physics was not all that I had hoped it would be. While I was there, I worked in Pat Burchat's lab as part of the BABAR collaboration. In my "copious free time", I sang in the Chamber Chorale and sometimes even got around to playing volleyball or weight lifting at one of Stanford's athletic facilities.

I graduated from MIT in May of 1994 with a B.S. in Physics, and 2 classes short of a double major in Electrical Engineering. During my senior year, I realized that I just could not deal with the university environment and classes for another 6 years, and that I needed to take a break before going on. My advisor, Prof. Robert Jaffe, after discussing this with me, suggested working at CERN for a year. I thought this was a great idea, and, with his help, managed to secure a one year internship at CERN with MIT professor Ulrich Becker working on the detector, L3. So that is where I spent a year from July of 1994 to 1995.

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