Eric Nehrlich, aka The Weird One, aka Plain Insane

The Weird One, and stuff he likes

These are a list of random people and things that I've found that I really like on the Web. Once you see these you'll think I'm weird for liking them...but that's okay cuz I'm the Weird One!

The Misanthropic Bitch
Ironically, I actually agree with a lot of what she has to say.

The Apocadex
This site will teach you about Revelations, Pokemon-style!

Bert is Evil!
Lou found this one and put it on his Conspiracies page. I just think it's weird but truly funny. What do you think?

Jesus Christ's home page
As the page says, "I'm Jesus Christ. I'm a messiah. This is my story." I consider that kinda weird myself. But, hey, what do I know?

Survival Research Laboratories (SRL)
Thanks to Probe's e-mail, I knew to look out for the SRL show that was in San Francisco over Thanksgiving Day weekend, entitled Crime Wave, and managed to go to it. Later that evening, I sent out some e-mail to my friends describing it.

The Draketooth Four-Seven
Beemer wrote this cool interactive non-linear story his senior year for a creative writing class. I'm not sure how to describe it except that it's definitely odd, so that's why it's on this page!

The Bastard Operator From Hell
Ever thought your sysop was bad? Ever given somebody your username over the phone? You never will again after reading about the Bastard Operator from Hell!

The alt.devilbunnies home page.
I just started reading alt.devilbunnies, and I think it is totally wacked out, funny and cool. Now (May 1995) I haven't had time to read it in a long while, but hey, it's prolly still funny and cool.

Hyperdiscordia is your friend!
Heck, Discordianism makes as much sense as anything else!

Links that no longer work

The Temptation of Saint Anthony
I found my way to this through about 3 different links so far, and I've loved it each time. The stories are really funny and yet thoughtful and all around weird. I'd love to meet Mark-Jason Dominus some time.

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