Eric Nehrlich, sports nut

Eric Nehrlich, sports nut

Funny story. In June of 2002, I received this e-mail before a particularly full weekend of sports:
I'm a producer in Washington DC at National Public Radio.

I saw your website...  .

I'm trying to track down an sports fan in the USA who is prepared to watch
NBA Finals, World Cup, Baseball Interleague play, the Stanley Cup Finals,
the Belmont Stakes and the ehavyweight championship fight.... and who is
willing to talk to us about how the weekend is planned.

Please write back or call xxx-xxx-xxxx if you are my man.

Art Silverman
I couldn't figure out how he could possibly have found my web page. Until I looked at the subject line of his message, Sports Nut Sought, and did a search for "sports nut" at Google, and found out that I was in the top 15 searches. Weird stuff. I had to punt on the gig, because instead of watching sports that weekend, I was playing in a grass doubles volleyball tournament, but it was pretty fun to be asked.

Eric Nehrlich, wannabe jock

I love sports. I love playing them, any sport, all sports. Back at TEP, I served as Minister of Sports for a year, and played on the soccer/volleyball/softball/ultimate frisbee IM teams each year. In high school, I used to play tennis (varsity benchwarmer my junior and senior years), but switched to volleyball after coming to MIT. I played a great deal and even made the MIT JV Volleyball team my senior year!

Besides all that, I just enjoy most physical activities, from hiking to biking to organized sports. Nothing seems like a better thing to do with a fine sunny day than to go outside and enjoy it by playing frisbee in a field, hacky-sacking, going for a walk, or what have you.

Since my most recent preferred sport was volleyball, I found a site on the Web which is devoted to vball - Volleyball Worldwide - which is where I found out about the MIT vball site listed above.

Recently (4/6/00), my new sport is ultimate frisbee. I've been playing pickup games; someday, when I get more confidence, I'll think about joining a league.

On Sunday, May 21, 2000, I ran in the Bay to Breakers race. I have a page with an account and photos snagged from their website.

Eric Nehrlich, sports fan

Besides liking to play sports, I also love to watch sports. In particular, I'm an avid Chicago Bulls fan (that's basketball for the not quite as devoted fans :) ). In fact, sports events are among the few things that I watch on TV when I am at home - last Christmas break, I watched all 5 Bulls games that happened, 2 Bears games, and innumerable other football games - it was GREAT!

So anyway, to acknowledge this aspect of me, I had to list a few links to some resources on the net for sports junkies like me.

ESPNET SportsZone is probably the premier site I've seen so far for sports junkies - it covers all of them. The one I use most frequently of course is the one covering the NBA so that I can follow my beloved Bulls. Another one that I like a lot (and have contributed to occasionally) is On Hoops. And if that wasn't enough, I can always go to check The Chicago Sun Times sports page or The Chicago Tribune sports page for that special "homer" slant to stories.

I have started to occasionally play in roto sports and fantasy leagues. This is a pretty silly pursuit, I must admit, but it's kind of fun having your own players to root for in games. Sporting News is invaluable for such things, due to its extensive coverage of the exact state of injured players so you know whether to play them or not. Sandbox Sports is also a pretty good site for such things.

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