Eric Nehrlich

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Eric is a skilled technical manager, with ten years of experience in several industries designing and deploying software solutions that match technology resources with end-user needs. In addition to the deep technical understanding necessary to earn the respect of technology teams, Eric has the communication skills to effectively represent the team to other stakeholders. He specializes in interdisciplinary innovation projects, where he can meld his science and engineering background with his business awareness to create value for the company.


M.S. in Technology Management (2008) at Columbia University. GPA 3.8/4.0

M.S. in Physics (1998) at Stanford University.

B.S. in Physics (1994) at MIT. GPA 4.6/5.0

Completed core classes in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering.

Professional Experience

Mar. 2006-present: Program Manager at Fog Creek Software (New York, NY)

Fog Creek is a startup led by Joel Spolsky (aka "Joel on Software" Performed many roles, including program management, release management, quality assurance, sales, and customer service, as part of a management training program.

·   As Program Manager for FogBugz, our company’s main product, created requirements for the upcoming releases 6.3 and 7.0. This required synthesizing customer input and research from multiple sources to determine what features will provide the best return for Fog Creek.

·   Managed the FogBugz 6 release, handling customer requests throughout the alpha and beta testing period to ensure that the release was successfully delivered in time for the already scheduled product launch tour. FogBugz 6 was the company’s biggest release ever, and doubled company revenues so keeping the release on schedule was critical.

·   In customer service, managed the department through a period of rapid growth, where the volume of customer emails and phone calls tripled, while recruiting and training new staff to handle that growth.


May 2005-February 2006: Associate Director, Technical Solutions at Applied Strategies Technology (San Mateo, CA)

Developed decision analysis software to enable biotechnology and public health clients to make better choices about resource deployment.

·   For the World Bank, designed and implemented user interface for a decision analysis tool used to forecast market demand. The World Bank project convinced government donors to raise $1.5B for pneumococcal vaccines after seeing the projected results based on our model.

·   Led a client software upgrade project to add more functionality to a previously written application, gathering requirements from the customer, setting the scope, and implementing the project within the estimated timeframe. The upgrade enabled the customer to improve their forecasting with more available inputs in an easier-to-use format.


May 2003-May 2005: Instrument Scientist at MDS Sciex (South San Francisco, CA)

November 2000-April 2003: Software Engineer II at Signature BioScience (San Francisco, CA)

Developed the CellKey™ system from a research prototype into a bioimpedance-based cellular assay instrument for drug discovery that opened a new market for MDS Sciex, diversifying the company away from mass spectrometers. This project was continued after Signature’s bankruptcy when MDS Sciex hired a team of 12 Signature scientists and engineers.

·   One of four people recognized as key innovators when the CellKey system was given the "Polypops Foundation Award for the Best Innovation for Microplate Design or Application" at the Society of Biomolecular Sciences 2008 conference.

·   Developed the algorithms necessary to convert the instrument's raw physics data into useful biological knowledge, drawing on both my analysis skills and my meetings with end-users. This analysis effort transformed the CellKey project from an intriguing science experiment into a valuable instrument for drug discovery.

·   Developed all software for the research prototypes necessary to prove the viability of this potential new instrument to Sciex’s management team.

·   Represented the research team on marketing visits to customers, translating end-user needs into concrete goals, then converting those goals into production software requirements.


July 1998-October 2000: Software Engineer at SF Industrial Software (San Francisco, CA)

Developed applications for clients including those listed below, with responsibilities including systems integration, user interface design, software automation, and hardware testing.

·   BD Biosciences - Lead software engineer on a six person team developing a digital flow cytometer. Developed a prototype that won the "Best Biomedical Application" at the NIWeek 2000 conference. Led the subsequent effort to create a production version that sorted cells three times faster and with more accuracy and functionality than the existing version while costing 50% less.

·   Revivant Developed a software prototype that enabled clinical trials for a biomedical life-critical application.

·   Trend Technologies Developed software to run a Dell assembly line insert welder.

Personal experience

  • Performed with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus for six years, including concerts at Carnegie Hall and an Emmy award winning production of Sweeney Todd.
  • Published article titled "The Principles of Charm" in issue 3 of Ambidextrous Magazine, Stanford University’s Journal of Design.
  • Blog: