Neat Signs

I like signs that surprise or amuse me. So I took pictures of them. There was one that I caught a glimpse of while the bus was driving down a country highway that I liked but didn't get my camera out in time: Home Kill Butchery. I'm not sure why I like that, but I wrote it down in my notes, so I'm sharing it with you...

I think it was originally misreading delicatessen as delicate that amused me about this sign.

Near the Waitomo gloworm caves.

In America, they'd just put up an ugly sign saying "No Skateboarding". This has a little more class.

Seen in the window of a leather shop. The thought of a sheep with a spiked collar amused me.

The Sundial of Human Involvement. Stand on the date, and your shadow points to the time on the pedestals. Very cool.

The "hands" of the Sundial of Human Involvement.

Thomas the Cat at the Wellington YHA ran the place. In the morning, one of our fellow bus riders, staying on the sixth floor, was heading to the ground floor kitchen. Thomas was waiting by the elevator with his paws on the door. When the elevator arrived, Thomas hopped in, went down to the ground floor, and started playing around down there. We later decided that hostels with cats were definitely the best ones we stayed at...

Seen in a little roadside grocery store in cattle-farming country. It makes sense, but being used to seeing such bulletin board ads looking for music lessons or political gatherings, it was wacky to see an ad for cows.

Seen on the Cape Foulwind walk. San Francisco wasn't on it, alas, but its direction could be extrapolated from the others.

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