The best Secret Satan present ever!

I really liked ETs while at TEP. See, at the Children's Museum, there is a recycling store, where they sell totally useless stuff for very cheap. One of the things they sell is a whole 55-gallon drum worth of little plastic ETs. What on earth would somebody want with ET's one might ask (and in fact the clerks at the Recycle Store have asked me several times)?! Well, it all goes back to an older time at TEP, when I believe Quake and his girlfriend went to the Children's Museum and bought approximately $10 worth of ETs (they're 5 cents each so this is an IMPRESSIVE amount). Then they hid them EVERYWHERE at TEP. The first few days, people thought it was cool/funny to find them everywhere. By the end of the week, though, people were screaming psychotically, every time they found one.

I heard this story as a freshman at TEP and thought it was totally hilarious. I tested it by buying a few ETs at the Children's Museum, and tossing them to a couple of our older alums (Crusher and Leper to be exact). They both screamed and dropped the ETs like they were on fire. This was considered good by me. So I bought a dollars worth or so. And the next time I went to the Museum, I bought another dollars worth. And another. And another. Then I had fun lining them up in big rows on my computer (hostname phone-home), on my bookshelves etc. Every now and then, one or two would disappear, and show up mangled, or burnt by a stove's flame, or hanging in a noose from my doorframe with its face burnt off (these all happened). But all in all, my ETs made me happy, and made my brothers think I was weird.

Which is why this is the absolute super coolest Secret Satan present ever in the history of TEP. Somebody (and I still don't have a confirmation on who) created this set of custom-painted ETs of all sorts and varieties, with beautiful little costumes, and gave it to me as my Secret Satan present my senior year. There's even an ET representation of me, wearing a TEP jersey, blue jeans, with the long black hair I had at TEP made of yarn. It's phenomenal. You can click on the pictures below for a closer look.