Mahler 2nd

The San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra celebrated its 20th anniversary in May 2001, and in honor of that event, it performed Mahler's 2nd Symphony, Resurrection. The piece has a small chorus part, and we were asked to participate in the event, which we did.

It's a gorgeous piece. The chorus even gets to appreciate it - we only sing for a few minutes at the very end, so we are able to relax and enjoy the first 70 minutes.

The Youth Orchestra is fantastically good. I played violin in a youth orchestra once upon a time, and these musicians were so far beyond where I was that it boggles the mind. For them to not only handle, but master, a piece like the Mahler 2nd is a testament to their ability and their hard work. It's a great program of the Symphony, especially the Symphony musicians who take the time to lead sectionals for the Youth Orchestra and give them a chance to interact with professional musicians.

Reviews of the performance:

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