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I regularly update the recently read page, which I just revamped to use a blogging type script to make it easier for me to add entries. If I'm not reading books from that page, I'm generally reading The Economist. The Economist has great world coverage, and gives a much better sense of the history of many regional conflicts than you'd ever get from an American news source, with the possible exception of the New York Times. I almost always read The Economist cover to cover, and it generally takes me all week. Plus, the Economist commentators are biased and have no qualms about showing it, which is easier to deal with than trying to find the hidden bias in most other news sources.

The other magazine I subscribe to is Science News, which is a quick way (16 pages or so) to keep up with what's going on in the world of science each week.

I should also mention here Doug Ingram's Library page, which was an inspiration for me to do my own book page. Plus, my letter to him is published there which makes it worth a mention by itself.

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